Mill Valley: We Love You, but We’re Ready to Retire

While on vacation in Palm Desert, a couple who’d lived in Mill Valley for many years came across their retirement dream home. The property had room for their kids—and their kid’s kids—to visit, a pool, and breathtaking desert views.

And, they were in luck! It was on the market. The only problem was they had no down payment, because their equity remained tied to their Mill Valley home. The owner was very motivated to sell, so they needed to move quickly.

I was able to offer them a $1,200,000 Bridge Loan. That way, they could meet the seller’s requirements and secure their future in Palm Desert. *The couple then was able to focus on prepping and staging their Mill Valley home for sale. And getting ready to enjoying the warm weather—and retirement—in Palm Desert.

*Home sold for $300,000 over asking price.


“Our realtor introduced us to Sofia after hearing that we were looking to retire in Palm Desert. We had found the home of our dreams, but we had no idea how to make it happen since we didn’t have the down payment nor the liquid assets to put in an offer. Sofia quickly got to work and secured a $1,200,000 Bridge Loan that included mortgage interest for 6 months in case our house would take a while to sell. To our surprise, we received 5 offers and our Mill Valley house just sold for $300,000 over asking. We could never have made this a reality without Sofia’s expertise and funding and we are forever grateful.”

From Loan Denial to Kentfield Dream Home

Every client has a different story. And adapting to the needs and wants of everyone I work with—clients, as well as real estate agents—is an invaluable skill. I had a client who was very successful, though his personal income stream was inconsistent. And, he owned multiple business ventures. He did not qualify with a traditional lender.

After a subjective analysis, I determined he was actually a low-risk borrower. I was able to grant him a $2,700,000 Bridge Loan.

This client had his heart set on a beautiful home in Kentfield. And after the 5-day loan closing, he and his family were able to settle in and enjoy KenTfield and their new home.


“I had been working for over 3 months with my current lender, who finally declined my loan. I was already in contract and the clock was ticking. Sofia and her team approved me in less than 24 hours for the full purchase price. We closed 5 days later and I was able to move my family into our dream home in Kentfield.”

From Germany to Tiburon via Sofia

Having immigrated from Sweden 22 years ago, I sympathize with people from abroad looking to settle in the United States. And, I have made it a priority to fully grasp the complexity of the relationship between expatriates and real estate law.

I was able to help a family from Germany who found the perfect family home in Tiburon while researching schools for their children. Unfortunately, the husband was in the process of selling their business in Germany to finance the move. They did not have enough cash for the home, and traditional lenders cannot lend to international buyers until they first acquire a Green Card.

My team of immigration, international tax law, and real estate professionals got to work. We were able to provide the family with a Bridge Loan for $3,200,000.

I completely understand what it takes to immigrate and the real estate laws that come with it. As I was able to help the family with their move, they have recommended me to friends and acquaintances who are looking to make the move to the U.S. and purchase a home.


“Sofia came highly recommended from our relocation realtor. We are forever grateful to Sofia and her team of professionals to make our dream of moving to the U.S. possible and seamless. We recently paid off our Bridge Loan and our family could not be happier in Tiburon.”

Selling in San Francisco, Investing in Palo Alto

I encourage friends and clients to be on the lookout for smart real estate investments—always making myself available to give sound advice. But, sometimes an opportunity may come along and situational components may hinder taking full advantage.

A great example was a client who wanted to invest in a four-unit property in Palo Alto. The problem was that their current investment property in San Francisco hadn’t sold yet and the Palo Alto investment property was receiving other offers. They needed capital fast.

I worked with my clients and the 1031 Exchange LLC Partner to secure them a $2,750,000 Private Money Investment Bridge Loan with excellent terms. Instead of waiting for their San Francisco house to sell and losing the Palo Alto property, they were able to purchase their investment property and then focus on selling their San Francisco investment down the road. It’s always very fulfilling when I can solve a problem for clients that improves their lives and helps them reach their goals.


“Sofia was introduced to us from our 1031 Exchange Specialist and she did not disappoint. Our family needed to get out of a bad investment partner situation in San Francisco. We found the ideal four-unit investment property in Palo Alto for our family, but the problem was that we had not sold our current property that was owned free and clear. Sofia was able to get us approved for a Short-Term Bridge Loan and transfer all our equity. We wrote an offer with our Realtor and closed in 21 days. We could never have made this happen without Sofia and Golden Gate Lending Group.”

Helping Families. Fighting Foreclosure.

Life can be unpredictable. And losing a loved one is difficult enough without the stress of losing a home. A client found me after their mother had just passed away, and she could no longer make mortgage payments on their family home. She was soon in default and the lender was going to foreclose—causing the client to lose close to $500,000.

Arranging for people to finance the home they’ve always wanted is extremely rewarding. And in this case, I was able to work hard to help a family keep something sacred to them in during a difficult time. We moved fast and were able to supply a Private Money Loan for $475,000. We closed two days before the foreclosure sale. My client and her family were able to keep their home, as well as the $500,000 they came close to losing.


“Dear Sofia, I cannot thank you enough for helping us with our loan. When we thought all was lost and our mother’s home would go back to the lender, you came in and quickly gave us a loan. Our Realtor estimates that we will get at least $500,000 when the house is sold. We feel so blessed that it will go to us and not the bank. Thank you again for everything!”

Moving to Sunny Novato

The landscape of the real estate market can alter very quickly. And even when you find that perfect house, all the elements need to align to make your dream a reality. A Marin Country resident fell into this very predicament. He’d found a house he wanted in Novato, but his equity was tied up in his unsold Larkspur house. Plus, the seller needed a non-contingent offer.

This client did not qualify with conventional lenders to have two simultaneous mortgages. And that’s where I came in, providing a $1,750,000 Bridge Loan.

Six months later, my client had sold the Larkspur home, paid off the Bridge Loan and refinanced with a long-term, low interest conventional loan. Without having Golden Gate Lending Group as an option, he may have missed his window to acquire his idyllic home in sunny Novato.


“We knew very little about Bridge Loans, and our Realtor introduced us to Sofia Nadjibi. With her strategic advice and expertise, we were able to make a move to Novato before selling our house. AND it was very easy and surprisingly very little paperwork.”

Same neighborhood, big upgrade for growing family

With three daughters who would be teenagers within 10 years, this client foresaw trouble asking two of the girls to share a room. So, she needed more space. She also wanted room for visiting family. The only issue? The family really wanted to remain in the same neighborhood.

The client was referred to Golden Gate Lending Group by her mortgage broker, who suggested a Bridge Loan would be perfect for her situation. She found a bigger house that had just gone through a remodel and was in her neighborhood. But, there was competition for the property.

The client needed to write a strong offer. Golden Gate Lending Group was able to provide a Bridge Loan of $1.1M with no contingencies and a 10-day close. To her delight, the offer was accepted. Now, there’s room for family visiting from Texas, they all get to stay in the neighborhood, and future discord among teenage daughters has been avoided—over sharing bedrooms as least!

Dreams become reality

After being declined by several traditional banks and brokers, the owner of several San Francisco properties was frustrated and nervous she may miss her opportunity to own a very special property in Sebastopol.

This client’s dream was to found an animal rescue operation. And after a two-year search throughout Sonoma County, she’d found a ranch-style location with a main house, guest house, as well as a barn-slash-workshop—the quintessential spot to rescue and rehabilitate animals.

After a threat from the seller to issue a Notice to Perform—giving the client 24 hours to produce loan approval—she called Sofia on the 4th of July worried and disheartened she would not close by her July 13th deadline. Immediately, Sofiaand the Golden Gate Lending Team launched into action. She was approved for a $1,250,000 Bridge Loan within 24 hours and to her delight she did not have to make a down payment and instead used her cash to fix up her future property.

The loan customization, personalized service, and flexibility for which Golden Gate Lending Group is renowned proved a perfect fit for this client’s needs. She signed the final loan documents on July 11 and the day of the closing deadline—Friday the 13th—turned out to be a very happy day!


“Thank you for closing my loan in less than seven days. You and your team worked endlessly into the evenings to make sure everything happened on time. I feel so blessed to be able to move to Sebastopol and make my dream come true opening an animal rescue operation. You made my dream a reality!”

Turning 30-year equity into the perfect retirement

Upon finding a single-story house in Folsom, CA, a couple who’d lived in an East Bay home for 30 years was excited to make the move. They met with a mortgage banker and their realtor who broke the news that they would not qualify for a traditional loan. But, they also had some good news.

The banker and realtor said Golden Gate Lending Group might be exactly the kind of private lender they needed. And, it turned out to be a perfect fit! The couple had 30 years of equity tied up in their East Bay home. And, after exploring various options with Sofia, a Short-Term Bridge Loan was decided upon as their best option. The Golden Gate Lending Team worked with the couple’s realtor to determine a realistic value for their house and devise a marketing and sales timeline. They wrote an offer as strong as all cash with no contingencies, their offer was accepted under asking price, and three weeks later they closed.


“You have such a niche in the loan market place! We had no idea that we would be able to use our equity from our home for a retirement home. You were so helpful and through in explaining the loan process and all the Bridge Loan details. We got the keys today and we can’t wait to move in!”

Out of the Fog: Retiring to Sunny Florida

A successful CPA discovered Golden Gate Lending Group and the lucrative benefits of a Bridge Loan.

Retiring in the perfect location with the ideal dream home is a big life decision, usually many years in the planning. Though, a problem often arises for retirees who need a loan to secure their new home: declining income prevents many conventional brokers from providing loans. And, this is where Golden Gate Lending Group excels.

A couple was ready to escape foggy San Francisco for warmer temperatures in Florida. But, banks and brokers would not write the loan they needed since they were retiring as well as moving across the country, which can be a costly endeavor.

He had been a prominent CPA working with high net-worth individuals and—after being referred to Golden Gate Lending Group by his financial advisor—realized the lucrative benefits of capitalizing on a Bridge Loan with Golden Gate Lending Group. There was no need to liquidate hard-earned retirement savings and investments. And, there were also advantageous tax benefits involved with a bridge loan.

Golden Gate Lending Group was able to qualify the couple based on equity in their house, not employment or income. They were soon off to relax and soak up some rays in sunny Florida! Contact Golden Gate Lending Group today and invest in the rewards of a loan customized to your needs.


“Sofia, you have a unique and excellent loan product that was perfect for our situation. We would not have been able to make our retirement dream happen without the bridge loan and your expertise. We are grateful you and your team are true professionals and closed our loan in less than two weeks—and while working around the 4th of July holiday!”


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